The History

Via de’ Servi, Padova, 1845. Day.

Pastry Maestro Gian Battista Pezziol has a sudden stroke of genius; he does not know yet, but he is about to give life to a myth called VOV...

    You can prepare a gazillion hot and tasty cocktails, with VOV, to be enjoyed in the winter, at home or up in the mountains, in a moment of relax, with friends, boyfriends, lovers or, why not, alone.

    • Bombardino

    • Calimero

    • Frozen VOV

    • I VOV You

    • VOV & Coffee

    VOV is an ideal ingredient for tasty desserts and yummy, divine and heavenly cakes. Get inspired by our suggestions, try it in your favourite recipes, or unleash your creativity and create new, revolutionaries VOV-based masterpieces!

    • Ciliegie

    • Cupcakes

    • Peace and VOV

    • VOV Ciambella

    • Yes we VOV